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HD Hr Holden Club N.S.W

Mama Lana’s Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides assistance to the homeless and underprivileged people in our community to advance their well being and prospects for future independence.


How it all Began

Husband and wife duo Roger and Lana Borg work full time jobs, have seven children aged 9-30 years old, four grandchildren and five well loved dogs.

Back in October 2013, Roger and Lana cooked for the fire fighters battling the Blue Mountains bush fires. The duo delivered 350 meals a day over a 12 day period during the fires as well as cooking BBQ breakfasts and dinners for the Volunteers. Then in November they were asked to cook a banquet Christmas Eve dinner from a carpark in Penrith for the homeless and underprivileged. After contacting Vinnies, Roger and Lana organised to go down to the Penrith carpark location Vinnies regularly attended to “check it out”. From here, Roger and Lana realised there was a great need in our local community to help feed the homeless and underprivileged and began delivering meals four nights a week. When the need arose, Mama Lana’s Community Foundation increased meal services to the current arrangement of six nights each week.

Colonial Hotel

We would also like to thank the Colonial Hotel for helping us hold our Event

Blanket and Food Drive


Cars With A Cause

On the 7th May 2017 The HD HR Holden car club of N.S.W  created an event to help the Homeless and underprivileged in the Penrith area. All donations in the form of Blankets, Clothing, Food, Coffee, Water and personal care items were handed to Mama Lana's Community Foundation who were there on the day.


Our Club was greatly support by other Car Clubs as well as some great individual car enthusiasts thank you to all those that attended



Classic & Customs Club of NSW


The People and the Passion